Про деякі змістовні елементи участі прокуратури України у кримінально-виконавчій діяльності - Статья

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Визначення проблемних питань соціально-правової природи правового статусу прокуратури України та змісту кримінально-виконавчих правовідносин. Характеристика основних напрямків прокурорського нагляду: захист прав осіб, додержання законів та інше.

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Aoaei ?.This paper, based on the elucidation of the social and legal nature of the legal status of the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine and content penal relationships identified problem areas from the designated subjects research and scientifically sound ways to address them on the merits. Practice shows that in spite of the law by various forms and types of control over the implementation and serving criminal sentences in Ukraine, the number of offenses in the organs and prisons each year is not reduced. One of the determinants, which makes this situation is the improper use of the Prosecution in Ukraine improved (reforming, optimization, etc.) penal relationships, particularly in terms of increasing the responsibility of prosecutors on the audit of the operational activities of the State Criminal-executive Service (hereinafter - DCAF) Ukraine. Equally important problem in this context is the fact that so far the theoretical and application level is debatable problem of determining the role and place of the prosecutor’s office in the penal activity (in the form of legal entity or website), which in turn requires increased attention of scientists to develop the existing problems, including research on interdisciplinary (integrated) level. Keywords: Prosecutor; participant; legal entity; the penal relationship; enforcement and penal institutions; form and prosecutor’s; offense.

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